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Chania Film Festival (CFF) is an international film festival starting Chania - Crete. An organization that quickly became an institution with international collaborations, with creators engagements, with many parallel events, with recognition and acceptance.

A cinematic institution that aspires to host the best from the worlds of cinema, both in Greece and abroad. An institution creative, predominantly intrusive and anxious. A meeting place of fiction films, documentaries, animation. A celebration of the 7th art.

Cine Lessons are an educational activity of the Chania Film Festival (CFF).

They started in 2001 and are a multilevel intervention in the field of audiovisual education in Crete.

A grid of educational activities addressed in the educational community, enabling students and teachers:

Unique Action

Both educational activity Cine Lessons and Chania Film Festival (CFF) is a unique regional action in the Greece with such characteristics, which persists and interferes thanks to the synergy of the authorities and partners over the years, from the cinema, science and education area.

Culture and Development with Social Character

An enterprise driven by the art of cimena, plans in the educational and developmental direction. An enterprise which is a guarantee due to its durability and quality, due to the numerous creators and artists who have collaborated. A project with social character, as the last three years, it collected approximately 4 tons of food per festivals distributed in 12 bodies of Chania.

We note finally that all content, workshops, shows, productions and parallel events throughout the year of action and Cine Lessons and Chania Film Festival (CFF) have a FREE ENTRY.

Synergy Standard

A key reason that the above actions and institutions exist for 13 years (the cineLessons) and Chania Film Festival for 4 years is that creatively they are based on a large shape and at the same time are an informal synergy of Regional and Local Government, State and private sponsors. One element which is - in addition to the content - component of success and of their duration.

Be a participant in History

On this basis we invite you to support the Chania Film Festival and cineLessons. To become part of a unique experience. An institution that is growing rapidly and enjoys absolute acceptance of its partners and the public. To connect with an activity that promotes culture via development planning.

The sponsorship partnership with the Chania Film Festival and cineLessons ensure visibility to an audience with an interest in cinema and culture in general. It allows viewing through a set of activities ranging from event venues and publications to the site of the event and media applications. Simultaneously the Festival - all actions – are aimed at a significant number of people both in Greece and abroad.

Engage in the basis of a creative relationship with mutual benefits

Contact us by mail: either by calling us at 0030 6974739122 and be informed about the Sponsorship Program of Chania Film Festival and Cine Lessons.

Because together we can do better! Because together we achieve more!