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Pod 4 Stories - I celebrate" & "Pod

4 Stories - Stories to be heard!..."

If you wish to participate in the action "Pod4Stories - Stories to be heard!..." and/or in the action Pod4Stories– celebrate, Stories about Christmas fill in your details in the form below https://forms.gle/bJ3rEbcCVo362zfp6 and you will receive information about the action and practical instructions for your recordings.


"Journeys of a lifetime..."

Pod4Stories: "Stories from the journeys of my life... stories of refugees"

They live and act beside us, among us... on a journey of need... asking for protection... waiting for asylum... for another chance of a lifetime!...

Stories from the "there" and the "here" of their lives... to hear... to get to know ... to remember...

Stories as life experiences to move forward together into the future... where you land!!!

The Chania Film Festival and the program "Voices, oral history in the foreground" collaborate with the Chania Partnership and the ESTIA2021 program (housing program for applicants for international protection in Chania) and open the microphones to refugees creating the podcast series.

See more about the ESTIA programme - Click here


"Pod4stories: a tape, a story..." *

The idea
An action by which memories associated with a favorite 'medium': the sound cassette, will be activated, recorded and made public.
As part of the action, we gather a Podcast with a cassette "protagonist": a cassette that you loved, that you gave, that you copied, a cassette that is special, memorable, subversive, pirated, dedicated or not!..

The invitation
We invite you to share a cassette story with us!
A tape you wrote. A cassette you loved. A tape you gave away. A cassette that you enjoyed. A cassette that reminds you of something. A cassette that reminds you of someone. A cassette tape...

Practical Instructions

  • You can record your story by any means of voice recording.
  • We recommend that you register with a mobile phone.
  • Remember to keep your phone at a distance of about 20 centimeters.
  • Try to register in a quiet environment.
  • The complete recording of the mp3 file, post it on the form https://forms.gle/FHGMJmcQw6hJi5EX9

*Don't forget to post a photo of yourself and your details with you: name and status.