Online Screenings for Schools by the CFF

The11th Chania International Film Festival offers FREE online screenings to the Educational Community from 17 to 30 October 2023.
Connect and watch movies from within your classroom.

Dear Friends and Dear Friends
As part of the online screenings of the 11th Chania International Film Festival, we give the educational community the opportunity to watch selected screenings for FREE through the Festival's platform from 17 to 30 October 2023.

For the participation of your class you need to have secured an internet connection and of course the best possible viewing conditions (fixed internet, projector or smartTV and clear sound).

If you wish to watch some of the following films with your class section: Register for the screenings and you will receive detailed instructions.

Free Online Screenings 2023

ΤίτλοςΗλικιακή ΑναφοράΔιάρκεια/Γλώσσα
TRIPLE TROUBLEΔημοτικό Ε-Στ, Γυμνάσιο, Λύκειο Α-Β87΄ / Υποτιτλισμένη
O Αδερφός Μου Κυνηγάει ΔεινόσαυρουςΔημοτικό Δ-Ε-ΣΤ, Γυμνάσιο102΄ / Υποτιτλισμένη
Μαρίκα…γιατί να φοβάσαι.Δημοτικό Στ , Γυμνάσιο, Λύκειο15΄ / Ελληνικα
Λουλούδια που Μαράθηκαν ΝωρίςΔημοτικό Στ , Γυμνάσιο, Λύκειο65΄ / Ελληνικά
Ο Κιρικού και η ΜάγισσαΔημοτικό Α-Β-Γ74΄ / Μεταγλωττισμένη
FAMU για παιδιά.από 6 έως 12 ετώνΧωρίς λόγια
The Club of Ugly ChildrenΓυμνάσιο - Λύκειο91΄ / Υποτιτλισμένη
Με το Ντοκιμαντέρ Μου Ταξιδεύω - Μέρος 1οΔημοτικό60΄ / Ελληνικά
Με το Ντοκιμαντέρ Μου Ταξιδεύω - Μέρος 2οΓυμνάσιο – Λύκειο60΄ / Ελληνικά

Kiriku and the witch

With a film that was the biggest commercial success of…

FAMU For Children

FAMU For Children The FAMU Prague FAMU Film School, the…

The Club of Ugly Children

When the new president wants to hide all the “ugly”…

My brother hunts dinosaurs

Jack has a brother, Gio, who has Down syndrome. As…

Triple Trouble

Julka and Olek must solve the mystery of the theft…

Marika … why be afraid

During the 5th day of the Battle of Crete, on…

Flowers that withered early

Dawn of August 28, 1944, Chania, Crete. The German conquerors…

Reed, the Calamity Girl

In a convoy of carts moving westward in the hope…