The cineLessons are the educational activity of the Chania Film Festival (CFF).

They began in 2001 and offer a great contribution in the field of audiovisual education in Crete.

A series of educational activities, which are addressed to the educational community, giving the opportunity to both students and teachers:

a) to watch films with educational characteristics
b) to become familiar with basic principles of cinematic art
c) to draw basic knowledge in order to be able to integrate contemporary media (digital photography & videography, computer, etc.) into a creative game during the educational process
d) to be able to act as critical recipients of audiovisual products

From 2001 until today, thousands of students and teachers have seen films as part of the organized screenings. Dozens have participated in workshops, educational activities, summer schools, workshops, discussions, films productions and other parallel actions. 

The educational activity cineLessons is a unique regional action in the country with such characteristics, thanks to the synergy of local actors and our partners over the years, from the field of cinema, science, education.

CineLessons are a project whose duration and quality are guaranteed by the dozens of institutions and creators it has collaborated with. A project with a social character that every year collects approximately 4 tons of food (per festival) which are distributed to 12 social institutions in Chania. 

A key reason why cineLessos are so important, is the fact that they are creatively based on a large circle of collaborators from filmmakers, educators, academics, scientists and artists who consider audiovisual media and especially cinema to be a crucial tool in the modern educational process.

The steady course of the Chania Film Festival and its consistency, has created strong bonds of cooperation with bodies and authorities that have been supporting it since 2001, contributing to its continuity and development.

Additionally, loyal partners of the action are the members of the educational community such as the Directorates of Education and Parents' Association, as well as individual teachers, students and parents who participate and actively support the cineLessons.

The cineLessons are a great synergy between the Regional and the Local Government, the State and of course the private sponsors. An element that is – in addition to the content – a component of success and durability.

The Region of Crete and especially the Regional Unit of Chania have been great supporters of the cineLessons from its very beginning.

In recent years, cineLessons have been consistently supported by the Municipalities of Chania, Platanias, Kissamos, Apokoronas, Kantanos-Selino.


Of course, a special mention is also needed to be made for the private sponsors, who since 2001, have been continuously supporting cineLessons.

Finally, we would like to add that all our content, the workshops, the screenings, the productions as well as the parallel events of the whole year, the cineLessons and the Chania Film Festival (CFF) have a FREE ENTRANCE.


So far, among other things, they have collaborated with cineLearning Courses:

A) Bodies of Local Government, Education and Culture such as:

The Region of Crete (for the pancretan part of the action), the Regional Unit of Chania, the Municipalities of Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos, kepedix - KAM, a series of Kallikratic Municipalities of Crete, the Heads of Activities of the Directorate of Primary Education of Crete, the Heads of Activities of the Directorate of Secondary Education of Crete, the General Secretariat for Youth, the Cultural Center of Chania, FORTH, MAICh, the Goethe center, the French Institute, etc.

B) Actors of Cinema and Media such as:

The Thessaloniki International Film Festival, the Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People, the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, the Youth Plan, the Cinedoc action, the exile room, the Panorama of Independent Films of Patras, the Emosion Pictures, the safari internet action, the European Animation Center, the Institute of Audiovisual Media, a production company Indigo View, the Chania Film Workshop, the Science Film Festival - Caid, the Greek Documentary Association.

See here the films created in the framework of the Educational Activities of the Chania Film Festival