A Cross in the Desert


Director: Hadzi-Aleksandar Djurovic Writer: Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic (based on her novel), Hadzi-Aleksandar Djurovic Director of Photography: Hadzi-Aleksandar Djurovic

, Bojan Rakic, Shafiq Olabi
Editing: Hadzi-Aleksandar Djurovic Music: Ana Krstajic
Production: Milovan Djurovic
, Khaled Haddad

Country of production: Serbia
Runtime: 120 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: Arabic, Serbian
Subtitles: English

Cast: Milena Predic, Milica Stefanovic, Mariam Amer, Samaia Amareen, Filip Hajdukovic, Abdelrahman Barakat, Moataz Abu Al-Ganam, Jana Todorovic, Andrej Sepetkovski, Daniel Sic, Branislav Tomasevic, Jadranka Selec


A story of change from the Mediterranean. A fisherman, a restaurant chef and a dolphin swim freely. A brief history in Bycatch.


Hadzi-Aleksandar Djurovic

Hadzi-Aleksandar Djurovic was born in Belgrade in 1988. After the third year of high school, he began studying Directing at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. He graduated in 2010. From 2011 to 2016 she has worked as an assistant in television production and film departments. He has been the founder and producer at the production company Aleksandrija Films since 2009. He has directed 12 internationally awarded short fiction and documentary films, as well as one feature-length documentary. "A Cross in the desert" is his second feature film.