A Long Adventure: The Recognition of the Greek Resistance, 1944-2006


Director: Tassos Gkinosatis
Writer: Magdalini Fytili
Editing: Tasos Gkinosatis
Music: Kostas Dimouleas
Country of Production: Greece
Runtime: 150 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: Greek, English

Narration: Anthi Efstratiadou


The documentary tells the post-war history of Greece, focusing on the recognition of the National Resistance by the state. It is interactive. It transforms the viewer into an acting subject, allowing him to follow the work in different ways and delve into specific points of the narrative.


Tasos Gkinosatis

He was born in Athens in 1979. He holds a BSc in Philosophy (University of Patras, Greece and Dublin City University, Ireland), a Master's degree in Creative Documentary (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and a Diploma in Film Editing (Cecc, Barcelona).