A Winner


Direction: Mehdi Mahaei
Scenario: Solmaz Etemad
Director of Photography: Hassan Aslani
Montage: Reza Daghagh
Music: Yoones Eskandari
Production: Navid Masjedi
Country of Production: Islamic Republic of Iran
Runtime: 20 min
Year Production: 2022
Language: Persian
Subtitles: Greek

Cast: Mehrnoosh Sattari, Ansari Babak


This film is the story of a female director who lives and works in her mother's greenhouse. After choosing her film at a prestigious film festival abroad, she faces problems trying to leave the country.



Mehdi Mahaei

Mehdi Mahaei was born on October 20, 1992 in Mashhad, Iran and lives in Tehran. He graduated from Mashhad University and is the author and director of several films. He directed THE DOLLS GAME (2021) and the film has participated in festivals such as Route 66 - USA, Kazan (Muslim Film Festival) - Russia, Mena Film Festival, Canada Lonely Seal Film Festival etc.
He then directed A Winner (2022), his second film where it has been distributed and participated in 9 festivals.
In 2020, he joined the First Screen Film Distribution Company as head manager and has promoted several films at several film festivals (Oscar Qualifying).
In 2023 he is going to direct his first feature film.