All You See


Director: Niki Padidar Writer: Niki Padidar

Director of Photography: Jean Charles Counet NSC & Jefrim Rothuizen
Editing: Niki Padidar
Music: Fin Greenall
Production: Mint Film Office
Country of production: Netherlands
Runtime: 73 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: Dutch, English
Subtitles: English



What if overnight they don't see you anymore, but look at you intensely?
The four protagonists have suddenly ended up in a world full of alienation. They are all "new" to the Netherlands but soon discover that in the eyes of others they will always be the ones they just came. Even after 35 years.

All You See |  Niki Padidar


Niki Padidar

Niki Padidar is a cinematographer. Her documentary Ninnoc, with which she debuted, won 7 international awards, including at prestigious events such as the Berlinale and IDFA. Her second film, "All You See," was the opening film at IDFA 2022 and premiered globally on November 9.

Niki invents, writes and directs films for children, young people and adults, specialising in young people. She is the author of the Dutch sex education manual "Dokter Corrie geeft antwoord" which sold 10,000 copies and from which a second edition has emerged.

She hopes viewers will be surprised and surprised to see her stories and question their version of reality. And she hopes she will look less British so people stop speaking to her in English. Niki was born in Tehran, Iran.

She studied Photography at the New School University of New York, did a year of orientation at the "Rietveld academie" and her master's degree at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) specializing in the fields of "Youth & media" and "Perception".