Always Forgive


Director: Davide Grotta, Gabriele Borghi
Director of Photography: Alexander Fontana, Davide Grotta
Editing: Gabriele Borghi, Davide Grotta Music: Sergio De Vito, Epsilon Indi
Production: Davide Grotta

Country of production: Italy
Runtime: 52 min
Production Year: 2023
Language: English, German, Italian
Subtitles: English

Cast: Cristina Bernhard, Anja Wolfsgruber


A joyful and enchanting landscape, a doll grabbed from the hands of a little girl and thrown into the fire.

The documentary follows the life of Cristina Bernhard, born in 1939 into a family of farmers and ranchers. Her dreamy childhood, surrounded by mountains and lush meadows, is abruptly interrupted by the death of her mother. The arrival of her stepmother will change her life forever. Abuse and violence will force her to leave her village at a very young age and find happiness away from her beloved mountains.

The documentary "Always Forgive", combining fairy tale with documentation, is an opportunity to get closer to one's childhood as well as to unknown existential and emotional areas, while the acquaintance with Cristina and her diary is an invitation to discover irony and forgiveness as a remedy for one's suffering.


Davide Grotta

Davide Grotta is a freelance photographer and filmmaker. A graduate of Underwater Archaeology, he began by taking photographs and filming during excavations throughout the Mediterranean. Having lived in Cambodia for three years, he moved to Bolzano, Italy to study Directing at the Zelig School. He mostly works as an assistant director in cinema.

Gabriele Borghi

Gabriele Borghi, born in Mantua in 1990, is a graduate of Sociology and Editing and Post Production. Since 2016 he has been working as a freelance editor and assistant editor between Trento and Bolzano. He works in television and in films, short fiction films and commercials. The documentary "Always Forgive" is his first as a writer.