Director: Costa Gavras
Writer: Costa Gavras, Jean-Claude Gruberg
Director of Photography: Patrick Blocier
Editing: Yanik Kergoat
Music: Armand Amar
Production: KG Productions, Katharina, Le Studio Canal+, Renn Productions, TFl Films Productions, KC Medien AG, Mediapro Pictures
Country of production: France, Germany, Romania
Runtime: 132 min
Production Year: 2002
Language: English, French, German
Subtitles: Greek

Cast: Ulrich Tukur, Mathieu Kasovitz, Ulrich Mehe, Michel Disoshua, Ion Karamitrou


Nazism, a powerful totalitarian apparatus that stigmatized humanity with genocide in concentration camps, using the means of industry. The Vatican, the ultimate symbol of religious and political power, refuses to denounce the genocide for fear of a break with the Nazis. A film about the Holocaust that provoked violent reactions in the new millennium with its denunciation of the historical responsibility of ecclesiastical and diplomatic circles.


Kostas Gavras

Kostas Gavras was born in Loutra, Heraia. Arcadia. Greek director of French cinema known for his socio-political films. Since October 1955, when he was in Paris, until today, he has made more than 20 films, collaborated with important writers, screenwriters, actors, musicians, photographers and film technicians, met and talked with the most important politicians of his time.