Ancient Greek Mysteries


Director: Yiannis Vakrinos
Writer: Alexandra Tzavella
Director of Photography: Nikos Psarras
Editing: Kostas Christakopoulos
Music: Vasilis Georgakopoulos
Production: COSMOTE TV
Country of production: Greece
Runtime: 45 min
Production Year: 2023
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English


Christodoulos Stylianou


For centuries, a veil of fog has covered the mysteries of Arcadia, perhaps the most "wild" of antiquity. What did the prospective adepts experience on the night of initiation? Archaeologists and researchers attempt to lift the veil of silence that has shrouded them for centuries, while painter Cacao Rocks and choreographer Roula Koutroubeli find food for experimentation.


Yiannis Vakrinos

Yiannis Vakrinos is a documentary filmmaker. His short documentary, ''Portraits of Greece in Crisis'' has been screened at the 4th Athens Bienalle and the Thessaloniki Film Festival. In recent years, he has been directing documentary series for COSMOTE TV ("Ancient Greek Philosophers", "Heirs of Memory", "Ancient Greek Mysteries", etc.). He is a member of the Society of Greek Directors. He has directed television commercials and digital campaigns for institutions, organizations and businesses in the field of energy and technology (Onassis Foundation, Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Motor Oil, Microsoft, Vodafone Foundation, Doctors of the World).