a selection of Chania Film Festival


Direction: Sophie Deraspe
Scenario: Sophie Deraspe
Director of Photography: Sophie Deraspe
Editing: Geoffrey Boulangé, Sophie Deraspe
Music: Jean Massicotte, Jad Orphée Chami
Country Production: Canada
Runtime: 109 min
Year Production: 2019
Language:French, English, Arabic
Subtitles: Greek

Actors: Nahéma Ricci, Nour Belkhiria, Rawad El-Zein, Rachida Oussaada, Antoine Desrochers, Paul Doucet, Hakim Brahimi


Antigone, an excellent student and exemplary member of the community, breaks the law by helping her brother escape from prison. As the noose tightens around her, she stands up to the authorities: the police, the judiciary, the prison system, and the father of her friend, Haemon.

Antigone's staunch refusal to compromise and stifle her personal sense of justice is gaining the support of her peers, who are mobilizing on social media and in colorful demonstrations. Rejecting an offer that would secure her own future, Antigone chooses love and devotion to her family, an immigrant family.

An impressive metaphor of Sophocles' tragedy into modern reality.