Arcadia 1900, Champagne D’ Orient


Director: Konstantinos Spyropoulos
Writer: Konstantinos Spyropoulos
Director of Photography: Stathis Galazoulas
Music: Evanthia Reboutsika
Production: George Talianis
Country of production: Greece
Runtime: 79 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English

Cast: George Michalakopoulos, Isidoros Stamoulis, Sofia Seirli, Odysseas Stamoulis


The protagonists are the members of the Papanikolaou family, owners of a successful winery in Arcadia, Peloponnese founded in 1885. Thanks to the wines they produce, they won awards at all major world exhibitions, in Paris, Chicago, Liège, San Francisco. In addition, they formulated a secret recipe, winemaking without the use of sulphites, the natural wine of the time. That was not enough for them. They wanted more. They wanted to eliminate the label "champagne method" as they envisioned transforming Arcadia into the Campania of the East.

However, they provoked a backlash from the political and banking establishment in the early 20th century, which wanted to control every new and promising business. Fifteen years later, political upheavals occurred in Greece with the deposition of the king and the rise of the Liberals to power. This gave the Papanikolaou family the opportunity to finance their own projects. However, their involvement in a scandal was the reason for their bankruptcy.