Beautiful Idiots - The Documentary


Director: Michael Ginthoer
Writer: Michael Ginthoer, Christos Chasapis
Editing: Dimitris Tzetzas
Producers: David Auerbach, Michael Ginthoer, Christos Chasapis
Country of production: Austria
Runtime: 91 min
Production Year: 2021
Language: English, Greek
Subtitles: Greek

Narration: Dimitris Tzetzas


Set against the backdrop of the great Greek economic crisis, Beautiful Idiots chronicles the absurd trials and mistakes of two oliots of cinema and their attempt to document chaos. With their ambitious narrative, they are not only trying to overturn the European macroeconomic data, but also to reverse their fate and fate. Their findings are ambiguous and certainly tragic.


Michael Ginthoer

Michael Ginthoer was born and raised in Austria. After studying history and philosophy, he became a yellow writer. But he soon left the profession and moved to Los Angeles. There he filmed the debut of Zen and Zero. He returns to Austria, lives and works in Vienna as a director, screenwriter, editor and producer.