Biplane Model Kit


Director: Tine Kluth
Writer: Tine Kluth
Animation: Tine Kluth
Country of production: United Kingdom
Runtime: 4 min
Production Year: 2020


I'm sitting here with my fantastic girl and she wants me to take her to the Ocean in a biplane!


Tine Kluth

Tine Kluth grew up in a theater where she got her dance education and worked as a dance teacher as well as a set designer and illustrator. This was her passion in animation because, she believes that the best way to combine interpretation, storytelling and the creation of worlds and characters is stop motion animation she studied at the Filmakademie Ludwigsburg, Germany. After graduating with her film "Das Schloss" (the castle) she directed her first film "KATER" and later moved to London. Since then he has been working on series, short films, commercials and music videos mainly in Germany and England.