Bloom's Journey: The Bride


Director: Afroditi Katerinopoulou
Writer: Afroditi Katerinopoulou, Anja Jacobsen
Director of Photography: Iris Richter
Music: Vasilis Dimitriadis
Production: Afroditi Katerinopoulou, Anja Jacobsen
Runtime: 9 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: German
Subtitles: Greek

Cast: Nina Horvath, Hanus Lukas


Masha is doing her last wedding rehearsals with her pillow. Despite her doubts, she wants to raise a toast to the future. But an unexpected answer comes from the champagne foam in her glass.


Aphrodite Katerinopoulou

Afroditi Katerinopoulou is involved in directing and production service in Athens. He is a member of filmArche Berlin where he studied directing. Along with her studies as a civil engineer, she has attended directing and acting courses and did her internship in various performances.