Challenging Everesting


Director: Kostas Danis
Director of Photography: Pantelis Ladas
Editing: Pantelis Ladas
Production: Pantelis Ladas, Kostas Danis
Country of Production: Greece
Runtime: 53 min
Production Year: 2021
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English


The Covid-19 epidemic, apart from being a scourge, was also an experience for the whole planet of a new way of life that even for a while, even if necessarily, made us live differently than we were used to, at least in recent decades.
A "positive change" of this pandemic was the image of big cities in terms of pollution, lack of traffic congestion and the stress created by life in big cities, as in Athens.
The bicycle as a key protagonist in this change, due to its characteristics, showed during this lockdown, that it can be the solution to a series of problems of the modern.


Danis Konstantinos

Danis Konstantinos, born in 1982, the director of the documentary, has directed a series of 170 architectural documentaries for Greek Parliament television, "Urban Landscape" 2010-2022, an 18-episode series about cycling in Europe "2Pedals Road" 2013-2014, a talk show series for Greek Public Television inside a moving train, "Up and Down, a journey through time", 2015, documentary about the ancient cooperative in Greece, "Dimitra 100 years of cooperation between wine and agriculture" 2020.