Depths of Night


Director: Step C
Writer: Step C
Animation: Step C
Editing: Tommy Kai Chung Ng, Step C
Music: Guyshawn Wong
Production: Step C
Country of production: Hong Kong
Runtime: 13 min
Production Year: 2021
Language: Chinese
Subtitles: Greek


This short film depicts the author's fear of changes and distortions. How do you deal with these feelings in the past, present, and future? It is as if the soul has broken into infinite pieces, but as long as we can survive, the depths of the night finally pass by.


Step C.

Step C. is an animated filmmaker, illustrator, educator, and art director based in Hong Kong. She likes to use a variety of media to express the world in her imagination. Her animation Toxic Relationship (2018) was selected in more than 50 international festivals and won 6 awards, her next short film, Little Thinks (2019) was selected in more than 30 international festivals and won 4 awards. Her latest animation Depths of Night (2021) won 7 awards.