Dimitris, Nikos ... and the Indeterminacy Principle


Director: Kostas Ainian
Writer: Kostas Ainian
Director of Photography: Kostas Ainian
Editing: Vaso Floridi, Kostas Ainian
Music: Alexandros Triantafyllou
Production: Kostas Ainian
Country of Production: Greece
Runtime: 78 min
Production Year: 2021
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English

Narration: Apostolos Ellinas, Katerina Brani-Ainian


Search for the truth and (behind the ellipsis of the title) another desperate attempt to decipher the mystery of Human Fate. The story of a young child who was abandoned in the forest during the Greek Civil War, managed to survive and grew up as a refugee in Poland.


Kostas Ainian

Kostas Ainian He was born and lives in the Greek countryside. Starting from literature (with distinctions) and theatrical writing, he went as a self-taught cinema. He attended film seminars by Yiannis Bakogiannopoulos and theater seminars by Vasilis Papavasiliou at the Moraitis School Studies Society. Independent filmmaker (director, screenwriter, cameraman and producer) in documentaries and fiction in his own productions or co-productions with the Greek Film Centre - ERT and the Municipality of Lamia. Member of the ECA.