Dream in Color


Director: Marijn Raeven
Writer: Marijn Raeven
Animation: Marijn Raeven
Editing: Marijn Raeven
Music: Marijn Raeven
Producer: Marijn Raeven
Country of production: Belgium
Duration: 6 min
Production Year: 2022


Two brothers struggle to cope with the loss of their mother. The older brother tries to cheer up his younger brother by taking him to a fantasy world. Along the way, they find more than a distraction to distract them from their grief.


Marijn Raeven

Marijn Raeven (35) is a high school teacher and 3D artist based in Belgium. He has been working on his film debut "Dream in Color" since 2009. The production of the film lasted many phases of his life - at the beginning of production as soon as he finished college. Today he is an experienced teacher and 3D artist with two children, who are also the biggest fans of Dream in Color.