Director: Christos Doulgerakis Writer: Christos Doulgerakis

Director of Photography: Grigoris Panopoulos
Editing: Dimitris Vavatsis
Music: Nikos Roussakis Production: Antigoni Gavriatopoulou, Christos Doulgerakis

Country of production: Greece
Runtime: 29 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English



Konstantinos Lagos, Georgia Ampouranti, Iro Gavriatopoulou, Themis Bekos, Maria Tavi, Thodoris Soulios


An ambitious stand-up comedian faces the fear of censorship and the influence of political correctness on his work.


Christos Doulgerakis

Christos Doulgerakis is a director and screenwriter from Athens. He studied in Berlin, Germany and has worked on many short or feature films, advertisements, documentaries and video clips in Greece, Sweden and Germany. Christos makes films about everything that inspires him. Putting his experiences, thoughts, and opinions on screen is exactly what he wanted, as the story spreads faster and self-tells. He does not stop chasing experiences and is always willing to improve his skills. He's just an extroverted guy trying to write his own story, direct his career, and edit his future to match his favorite pastime: cinema!