Direction: Kyriakos Anastasiou
Writer: Vassilis Anastasiou , Kyriakos Anastasiou
Director of Photography: Christina Beza
Editing: Kyriakos Anastasiou, Stavros Goudelidis
Music: Michalis Petrousis
Production: Kyriakos Anastasiou
Country of Production: Greece
Duration: 6 min
Production Year/Year: 2022
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English

Cast: Konstantina Prokova, Ioanna Arabatzi, Despina Nazli, Vasso Dalatsi

Narration: Fani Karasmanaki


An unknown woman wanders for years on the banks of the River Evros collecting memories, severed fingers, cut clothes and cut dreams...



Kyriakos Anastasiou

He was born and raised in Kavala. He started and continues filming in nature and set independent production paths with the aim of creating films as close as he can to what he originally dreamed of. He doesn't always make it. Almost never.
Among others, he has participated in: 40th Drama's International Film Festival (2017), Athens International Digital Film Festival (2016 &2017), Balkan Beyond Borders Festival (2017), Select Respect Festival (2018), Golden Sun Short Film Festival (2016), Chania Film Festival (2020), Nafplio International Film Festival (2021).
"EVROS" is his 6th short film.