Farewell - The Memory of the Place


Direction: Stavros Psyllakis
Writer: Stavros Psyllakis
Director of Photography: Christos Asimakopoulos
Editing: Stavros Psyllakis
Music: Manolis Aggelakis
Production: Massive Productions, Stavros Psillakis
Country of Production: Greece
Duration: 88 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English


«... thousands of fighters around the world had given everything they had for a cause which, as they believed, as they said, was greater than themselves, but which in the end proved to be their greatness was themselves."

Chris Marker

The guerrilla Yannis Lionakis, 87 years old, recounts an incredible 14-year survival effort (1948-1962), which begins with the end of the Civil War in Crete. The body of the film is unpublished material shot in 2007 as part of the documentary "ANOTHER WAY DID NOT EXIST".


Stavros Psyllakis

Documentary filmmaker. Born in Chania (1954), he studied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, directing at the E. HATZIKOU School and anthropological documentary at the Ateliers VARAN (Paris). Director of the award-winning anthropological documentaries THE MAN WHO DISTURBED THE UNIVERSE, ANOTHER WAY DID NOT EXIST (E.A.K. award), METAXA, OLYMPIA, SMALL ROMA STORIES, THE MIDDLE LIGHT, FOR NO REASON, DEBT, FAREWELL.