Footsteps on the Wind


Director: Gustavo Leal, Faga Melo, Maya Sanbar Writer: Pedro Paulo de Andrade, Maya Sanbar

Music: Sting, Gabriel de Goes Gabriel
Production: Gillian Gordon, Fernanda Zaffari
Country of production: Brazil, UK, USA
Runtime: 7 min
Production Year: 2020
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English

Cast: Mariana Chiuso, Danilo Chen, Nara Boldorini, Cauã Martins


The short animated film "Footsteps on the Wind" follows Sting's song, "Inshallah".
Based on the harsh and intense reality experienced by refugees around the world, the film touches on a narrative told through the eyes of children who never give up on their dreams.
Little Noor and her brother Josef see their lives shattered when an unexpected event finds their home, pushing them on a journey across seas and mysterious lands.


Maya Sanbar

Maya Sanbar is an artist and filmmaker. Her work with both animation and installations is focused on the art of storytelling.
As a multimedia artist, her work has been exhibited internationally, particularly installations such as: "Waiting" (2015) at London's Shoreditch Town Hall, "Alex in Wonderland" scented experience (2016) at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York, "Chasing the Light" (2019) at the Berlin Wall on the 30th anniversary of its fall, "Words on the Hill" (2020) at London's Coronet Theatre. The production titles include 360 appearances in art studios and documentaries.
Sanbar speaks 6 languages and is passionate about crossing cultural boundaries, using words with images to create a new perspective.
Her experience is diverse, as is her career. From the beginning of her career in the field of international law and the United Nations to her pioneering work in marketing and branding as Head of Advertising at HSBC, she has greatly developed the ability to tell stories relevant to today in both the public and corporate sectors. Maya also has a background in technology, having previously served as Head of Partnerships (Hutchison telecoms) and Head of Mobile Marketing at the Cabinet Office under Tony Blair. She is very interested in education as an engine for change – Maya is Madrinha's Commissioner helping children achieve their best and is also a Headmistress at a London State School. Maya Sanbar is a regular public speaker and helps other people find their voice as well.


Gustavo Leal & Faga Melo

Gustavo Leal, public relations manager from Varginha - Minas Gerais, has worked as an art director in some of the most important advertising companies in Brazil such as DM9DDB and Wunderman but also global companies such as Microsoft, Intel and Chevrolet. In 2013 his passion for storytelling, drawing and illustration spoke louder, so he decided to open the production company Dirty Work.

Faga Melo, a cinematographer and animation artist born in São Gonçalo, Rio, studied film in São Paulo and Los Angeles. He has worked between producers of promotional films, content for film, television and on stages such as the Rod Stewart World Tour and the Paralympic Games.

In 2016, when their paths crossed, they started working together and immediately managed to put into practice the combination of their individual preferences at every opportunity.
They are driven by a collaborative and horizontal way of working that aims to contribute all the people involved in production, in addition of course, to the endless search for the most original way possible to tell a good story.
With a passion for illustration, photography, film and animation, Leal and Faga are always looking for new experiments and techniques to evolve each project they direct. Their various creations and self-taught spirits enable them to delve into new languages and techniques of the animation world. 2D, Traditional, 3D, Stop-motion and Live Action with animation.
As a result, they now have an authentic language that is gaining more and more space in the national and international market under the artistic direction of Dirty Work.