Giggle Wiggle – Hot Summer Day


Director: Marzena Nehrebecka Writer: Marzena Nehrebecka Production: Magdalena Rawa

Country of Production: Poland
Runtime: 6 min
Production Year: 2021


Giggle Wiggle
tells us a story about the friendship between a goblin and a little girl who (intentionally or not) get involved in colossal conflicts of tiny nations.


Marzena Nehrebecka

Marzena Nehrebecka is a writer, director and colourist.
Author of the book "Giggle Wiggle" and scripts for the TV series: "Agi Bagi" seasons 2,3 and 4, "The Wriggles" and "Giggle Wiggle".
He also wrote the screenplay for the animated feature film "Zu", which received several international festival awards.