Home Is Somewhere Else


Director: Carlos Hagerman, Jorge Villalobos
Writer: Carlos Hagerman, Jorge Villalobos
Animation: Andrea Mondragón, Sarah Páramo, Alejandro Caballero "Male"
Editing: Inger Díaz Barriga, Alejandra Ruvalcaba, Martha Uc
Music: Javier Álvarez
Producers: Carlos Hagerman, Guillermo Rendón, Jorge Villalobos
Country of Production: Mexico
Runtime: 87 min
Production Year: 2022


Combining the power of poetry, animation and real conversations, Home Is Somewhere Else tells the story of growing up undocumented in the United States. Four young voices share their hopes and dreams for a future, which coexist with the constant fear of possible deportation for themselves or their families.


Carlos Hagerman

Carlos Hagerman is a Mexican director and producer, a graduate of Iberoamerican University and holder of NYU's MFA in Film as a Fulbright scholar. His films "Those who remain", "Vuelve a la vida" and "No place like home" have been selected in the range of a large number of national and international film festivals and have won prestigious awards such as Best Documentary at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, Guadalajara Int. Film Fest, Documenta Madrid, DOCSDF and the Humanitas Prize among others. His most recent work is "Home Is Somewhere Else", an animated documentary he co-directed with Jorge Villalobos.


Jorge Villalobos

Jorge Villalobos has over 25 years of experience in the animation genre. Among his many achievements he has co-directed "4 Ways to Cover a Hole", which was in competition at the Cannes Film Festival. He is also the founder and partner of Brinca Taller de Animación.