I Am Trying to Remember


Director: Pegah Ahangarani
Writer: Pegah Ahangarani, Ehsan Abdipour
Editing: Farahnaz Sharifi
Music: Atena Eshtiaghi
Producer: Kaveh Farnam, Europe Media Nest s.r.o
Country of production: Iran, Czech Republic
Duration: 16 min
Production Year: 2021
Language: Farsi
Subtitles: Greek

Narration: Pegah Ahangarani


The director of the film, Pegak, talks about Golam, a man who is neither her father nor her uncle, but always attends family gatherings. One would think that Pegah is telling us a children's book and through her eyes we see Golam's films about family and old photographs. Suddenly, however, the plot changes, and the film shows the darkness of the era in which Pegah grows up. One might say that Pegah tries to discern light through this darkness so that none of us will ever forget...


Pegah Ahangarani

Pegah Ahangarani (born 1984) is an Iranian actress, director and musician. He has directed 7 documentaries and acted in more than 40 feature films. Her films (where she starred or directed) have been screened in many festivals, including the Berlinale, Toronto International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, etc. receiving many awards.