I’m Not Afraid!


Director: Marita Mayer Writer: Marita Mayer
Animation: Carlo Palazzari
Music: Marius Kirsten

Producers: Fabian Driehorst, Lillian Løvseth, Anita Killi
Country of production: Germany, Norway
Runtime: 7 min
Production Year: 2022

Cast: Frede Mayer-Gulliksen, Katharina Welzl, Alma Eline Valseth, Justus Raphael Velte, Boris Rogachev, Jens Jonathan Gulliksen


During a game of hide and seek, Vanja leaves the bright room and enters a poorly lit courtyard, with many dark corners, strange shadows and strange noises. To overcome fear, Vanja transforms into a dangerous tiger!


Marita Mayer

Marita Mayer is a filmmaker originally from Germany who is active in Norway. Her academic background includes studies in the field of Cultural Management and Education at the University of Hildesheim, while she has specialized in drawn animation at the Animation School Hamburg. Marita has worked on various 2-D and stop-motion productions since then and has served as program manager on five broadcasts of the Fredrikstad Animation Festival. In 2020 she co-founded her own production company, Rainy Day Productions.