Journey in Amnesia


Director: Anouk Kilian-Debord
Writer: Anouk Kilian-Debord
Animation: Anouk Kilian-Debord
Music: Lionel Polis
Producer: Vincent Gilot
Country of production: Belgium
Runtime: 5 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: French
Subtitles: Greek

Narration: Karine Vuillermoz


Loic, a former worker at a gravel quarry, suffers complete amnesia after an accident and withdraws from the world. One day, an incident leads him out of his home, where he witnesses the first snowfall after the onset of his amnesia. Loic gets lost in forgotten senses and wanders. In his mind, he will find his way back to the quarry.


Anouk Kilian-Debord

Born and raised in the south of France, Anouk Kilian-Debord studies art in Toulouse and then moves to Brussels in 2017 to learn directing at La Cambre. There, he discovers the thrill of stop-motion animation and makes "Voyage en amnésie" in 2021.