Journey to YourLand

Travel to YourLand


Direction: Peter Budinský
Scenario: Katarzyna Gondek, Barbora Budinská, Peter Budinský, Patrik Pašš, Kristina Májová, Phil Parker
Animation: Alkay Animation Prague, Plutoon
Director of Photography: Jigme Tenzing
Montage: Douglas Boswell, Arthur Uberti, Jan Hameeuw
Music: Martin Hasák
Production: Peter Badač, Barbora Budinská, Jan Hameeuw
Country of production: Slovakia, Belgium, Czech Republic
Runtime: 75 min
Production Year: 2022



Far from the borders of grim everyday stereotypes lies a magical world called Yourland. There, crows behave like humans, cranes walk like robots, and monkeys are generals. Riki must enter this world to find the truth, saving Yourland and his own world.


Peter Budinský

Peter Budinský, born in 1983, is a graduate of the Animation film department of the Film and TV Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia. She has studied in the Erasmus program at the Animation department of RITS in Brussels. He has produced several short films and music videos, including "Alfonz's Fly", "Bird of Prey" and "tWINs" with success. All these have been presented and awarded in international festivals. After graduating, he started working as a freelancer in Bratislava on different animation projects, short films and music videos.

In 2013 he founded his own production company and animation studio "Plutoon" in Bratislava. Plutoon offers complex services in the field of animation, not only for creators but also for advertising agencies, other production companies and individuals. The studio creates TV spots, educational videos, music videos, product presentations, post-production services, special effects and other audiovisual content in the form of animation for a wide range of companies and projects.