La Singla


Director: Paloma Zapata
Writer: Paloma Zapata
Director of Photography: Dani Mauri, Iñaki Gorraiz
Montage: Paloma Zapata
Music: Juliane Heinemann
Producers: Paloma Zapata, Paola Sainz de Baranda, Nadja Smith
Country of production: Spain, Germany
Runtime: 95 min
Production Year: 2023
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

Cast: Helena Kaittani, Adelfa Calvo, Maria Alfonsa Rosso, Antonia Singla


Singla was born deaf and learned to dance flamenco without listening to the music. At the age of 17 she revolutionized flamenco, but before she turned 30, she disappeared from the stage. Fifty years later, the time has come for her to tell her story.

La Singla


Paloma Zapata

With a degree in Fine Arts and a Master's degree in Creative Documentary, he founded La Fábrica Naranja in Barcelona in 2018. He has developed a career as a director, editor and producer of international music videos and music documentaries.

With a career always linked to music, her films have been broadcast on Movistar+, Al Jazeera, TVE or TV3, and have premiered at festivals such as BAFICI in Argentina or Guadalajara in Mexico.

In 2020, her film Peret: yo soy la rumba was nominated for the Gaudí Awards by the Catalan Film Academy and won the award from the Ministry of Culture in Yalta, which was presented to her by Nikita Mijalkov.