Letter To A Pig


Director: Tal Kantor Writer: Tal Kantor Animation: Meton Joffily, Anne Kraehn, Tal Kantor

Director of Photography: Arbel Rom
Editing: Efrat Berger
Producers: Emmanuel-Alain Reynal, Pierre Baussaron
Country of production: France, Israel
Runtime: 17 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: Greek

Narration: Alex Peleg

Cast: Moriyah Meerson, Alex Peleg, Ayelet Margalit, Indra Maharik


A Holocaust survivor reads a letter he had written to a pig that had saved his life. A young student hears his testimony in class and is immersed in a strange dream where she is confronted with questions about identity, collective trauma and the extreme nature of human nature.

Letter To A Pig


Tal Kantor

Tal Kantor, born in 1988, is an award-winning animation creator and visual artist. He graduated with honors from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, where he is currently lecturing at the Screen-Based Arts Department. In her works, Tal deals with issues of Memory and utilizes a unique technique she has developed, combining drawing, photography, video, painting and animation.

Her short animation film "In Other Words" has won 17 awards and has been screened in over 100 festivals around the world. He has directed the feature animation documentary "ADVOCATE" (Emmy Award 2021, Oscar shortlist 2020). "Letter to a Pig" which won the "Excellence Award" at the Japan Media Arts Festival and the Best 1st Film Award at the Zagreb Animafest (2022), is her debut film