Life After Life


Director: Gönül Bozoğlu & Cem Hakverdi
Director of Photography: Cem Hakverdi
Editing: Cem Hakverdi, Gönül Bozoğlu
Music: Christopher Whitehead, Cafe Aman Istanbul
Production: Gönül Bozoğlu
Country of Production: Turkey
Runtime: 39 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: Greek, Turkish
Subtitles: Greek


Life After Life is the story of the historical population of the Rums of Constantinople, through personal narratives of the members of the Greek community. The film is about what it means to live with the past in the present and how people make peace, their new hope.


Gönül Bozoğlu

Gönül Bozoğlu is a Lecturer in Heritage and Museum Studies at Newcastle University. Her work connects anthropological heritage and memory research with digital practice and filmmaking. It investigates the memories and legacies of the Greeks of Constantinople.

Cem Hakverdi

Cem Hakverdi is a lecturer at Istanbul University and a documentary filmmaker. He completed his undergraduate studies in journalism and holds a master's and a doctorate in cinema.