Liwan: a Story of Cultural Resistance


Director: Doris Hakim
Writer: Doris Hakim
Director of Photography: Doris Hakim, Adam Newby
Editing: Adam Newby
Music: Haya Zaatry
Producers: Doris Hakim, Adam Newby
Country of production: Spain
Runtime: 29 min
Production Year: 2021
Language: Arabic, English
Subtitles: Greek



The film "Liwan" is about a "cultural café" in Nazareth, which opened in 2016, when Nazareth's old market was an inaccessible area, ravaged by the implementation of a "redevelopment" plan. Despite many difficulties, the café opened and its example was followed by many cultural venues, bringing to the area a revival of open-air markets (souq). These spaces practice a practice of 'cultural resistance', organising activities focused on Palestinian identity. The film is an important document of nonviolent Palestinian resistance.


Doris Hakim

Doris Hakim was born in Nazareth to a Palestinian father and a Greek mother. This background played an important role in her artistic development, pushing her to explore the outcomes and perception of society, religion and politics, focusing on the meaning of issues such as democracy, equality and limitations.

Hakim left Nazareth and moved to Greece at the age of 20. He studied Theology and then Fine Arts. Moving to Spain, he continued with a master's degree and is currently doing a PhD.

Hakim's complex and diverse origins combine both the richness and violence of the cultural context in which she developed. It deals with these issues in an effort to come to terms with its culture and sociopolitical boundaries, while also dealing with the culture of others. The abuse of religious, political and psychological power can be seen in her art through the concealment and revelation of symbols.