Louis I. King Of The Sheep


Director: Markus Wulf
Writer: Markus Wulf, Maggie Briggs
Animation: Emily Ann Hoffman, Victoria Arslani
Editing: Esteban Garzía Vernaza
Music: Kaspian Shines
Producers: Su-Jin Song, Levin Hübner, Maggie Briggs, Jorge Granados Ross, Markus Wulf
Country of production: Germany
Runtime: 8 min
Production Year: 2022

Narration: Isabella Rossellini, Mark Waschke


One windy day, the Louis the sheep finds a paper crown and has since become Louis I. King of the Lambs. He addresses his people, tames nature, starts celebrations, separates sheep by color, and decides who will do what. Things are going royally. At least until the next blow of the wind.

Louis I. King Of The Sheep


Markus Wulf

Markus is a director, screenwriter and playwright from Germany, with a body of work in film, theatre, opera and puppetry. His short films have won awards at national and international film festivals. His film A Fairytale With A Completely Imagined Ending was nominated for the German National Short Film Award in 2014.

In his work he enjoys using humor as a mechanism for challenging ideologies and representations of power.
He is a graduate of Columbia University and IFS International Film School in Cologne where he completed his MFA and BA with scholarships from the German National Academic Foundation, DAAD German Academic Exchange Service and the Merit Award for the Columbia University Film Program.

He participates in the BAFTA Newcomers program and is co-founder of the artistic production collective Irrelevant Media, along with members representing Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Lebanon, Mexico, Pakistan and the USA.