My Name is Blue


Director: Bastian Fischer, Vicky Markolefa
Writer: Bastian Fischer, Vicky Markolefa
Director of Photography: Bastian Fischer, Vicky Markolefa
Editing: Bastian Fischer, Vicky Markolefa
Music: Mati Palaiologos
Production: Medasset
Runtime: 35 min
Language: Albanian, Arabic, English, Greek, Turkish
Subtitles: Greek, English

Narration: Eric Asch


Through the life cycle of the sea turtle and its journey in the Mediterranean Sea, the efforts of environmental organizations, international organizations, volunteers, scientists and local communities for the salvation of the species are masterfully unfolded.


Mind The Bump

Mind The Bump aka Vicky Markolefa and Bastian Fischer, a creative duo with international experience specializing in sustainable film production. Their works have received awards and nominations worldwide.