Director: Karina Logotheti
Writer: Ioanna Fyllidou
Director of Photography: Petros Antoniadis
Editing: Angelos Mantzios
Music: Kostas Christidis
Production: Manto Stathis
Country of production: United States
Runtime: 11 min
Production Year: 2021
Language: English
Subtitles: Greek

Cast: Ioanna Triandafyllidou


Lexi went through her life easily, without deep commitments or ties. It enters the world of online dating, because it is a fun and easy way to meet people and spend the few nights on the town. But what appears to be an exciting journey soon turns into an exhausting loop. "Nexting" explores human connection, relationships, synchronization, or rather lack thereof, as well as the question of how present we can actually be when we are constantly thinking about what awaits us better around the next corner.


Karina Logotheti

Born in the United States, raised in Greece, spent a year in France and currently lives in Los Angeles, Karina belongs everywhere. Having difficulty expressing himself using words, he uses the power of images. In motion or stationary, it does not matter. Being a lover of kitsch and surrealism, he finds pleasure in ugliness and clumsiness. After her studies in Photography and Film Creation, she started working in cinema as a writer, director & script supervisor. She is currently practicing her love for fashion photography and who knows what will come next.