Kiriku and the witch


Director/Direction: Michel Ocelot
Script: Michel Ocelot
Music: Youssou n'Dour
Country Production/Country: France, Belgium
Duration: 70'
Year Production/Year: 1998
Language: Greek


In a village in Africa, a special baby boy is born. He states his own name, Kirikus, since he spoke from his mother's womb. In his village, however, a witch named Karaba has cast a terrible spell: the spring has dried up, the villagers are blackmailed, the men of the village have either been kidnapped or mysteriously disappeared. "She eats them!" declare the superstitious villagers...

Thus begins Kirikos' adventurous journey to the Forgotten Mountain, where the Wise Man of the Mountain, who knows Karaba and its secrets, will help him make reality what he wants from the moment of his birth: to rid the village of the witch's curse and understand the causes of her evil.

The characters of the film are voiced by Theo Sebeko, Antoinette Kellerman, Consimile Sangeny and Fizel Beca, while its music is written by the famous Senegalese singer Youssou n' Dour, in his first work for cinema.

Although with two-dimensional animation, the film has received the best reviews, both for its sketch and for its script and direction.