Director: Karina Logotheti
Writer: Eliza Gerontaki
Production: Dorothea Papapostolou, Eliza Gerontaki
Country of Production: USA
Duration: 13 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: English
Subtitles: Greek

Cast: Lauren Byrd, Eliza Gerontaki, Cedric Clarke


The daughter of a therapist breaks into her mother's office to steal all the drugs and end her life. At that moment an uninvited patient walks in and desperately asks for help. What follows is an unorthodox session where the therapist is not really a professional....


Karina Logotheti

Karina Logotheti grew up in Greece where she obtained her degree in Photography and Audiovisual Arts and later studied Film, both in Athens. For the last decade she has been working as an art and fashion photographer as well as in cinema as a director or script supervisor both in Greece and in Los Angeles where she is currently based.
He has directed 4 short films, 2 of which he also wrote. He is currently working on a few feature film scripts and implementing a short script he wrote in the workshops.