Quino’s Dream


Director: Santiago Erlich
Animation: Daniel Alcaniz
Editing: Unai Guridi, Andrea Esteban, Daniel Alcaniz
Music: Cristina Zadia, Cayetano Gutierrez
Producer: Santiago Erlich
Country of production: Spain
Runtime: 8 min
Production Year: 2021


The arrival of the first child reveals the difference between loving and accepting what each person is like.


Santi Erlich

Santi Erlich, Art Coordinator of Blue Píxel Production Company and CEV Master's in 3D Art, presents his work for "Cuerdas" (Goya Award for Best Animated Short Film), "Atrapa la bandera" (Goya Award for Best Animated Film) and "Deep" Film. His experience in video games and motion capture led him to work with Tequila Works to develop The invisible Hour for VR platforms. He is currently freelancing national and international productions. He has extensive experience in Performing Arts, which allowed him to successfully cope with the difficult task of giving "life" to cartoon characters. The son of artists, from a young age he is trained in Drawing, Painting, Music... And as a great film lover, he makes short films with his first camera, awakening interest in cinematic language, new technologies and storytelling.