Rebetiko Underground


Director: Apostolos & George Polymeris
Director of Photography: Apostolos Polymeris
Editing: George Polymeris
Production: Seventea Studios
Country of Production: Greece
Duration: 30 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: English, French, Greek
Subtitles: Greek, English


Rebetiko Underground - An investigation into rebetiko
is a short documentary about the spread of Rebetiko music and culture in Europe through the years.


Georgios Polymeris

Georgios Polymeris (Greece) is an experienced director and editor with a proven track record in the media industry. Expert in live streaming and TV content, social media videos, event coverage and interviews, film production and posting. Due to the variety of these projects, I developed a diverse set of skills that allowed me to easily adapt my techniques to a wide range of new and different ventures. Being part of a team gave me the opportunity to experience every stage of the development process and gain a full understanding of video production, which comes to REBETIKO UNDERGROUND where I participated in the creation of the film and director/editing and social networking director.

Apostolos Polymeris

Apostolos Polymeris (Greece) is an interdisciplinary artist, graduate of Visual Communication from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. His work experience focuses on directing, visual arts, creation and promotion of concepts and musical compositions. As a director and visual artist he started his career in 2011, with short films, participation in art exhibitions, advertising and television, until the creation of the documentary: REBETIKO UNDERGROUND where he is one of the directors and director of photography.