Director: Stelios Christoforou
Writer: Stelios Christoforou
Director of Photography: Michalis Kalidonis
Editing: Dimitris Vatsios
Music: Molyneaux & Hydrama
Production: Evgenia Tsori
Country of production: Greece
Duration: 26 min
Production Year: 2021
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English

Cast: Irene Lafazani, Liza Khukhua, Sotiris Manikas, Michalis Psalidas, Tamila Koulieva


An Art House Drama that invades the lives of two couples and examines all their secrets, the relationships between them, the toxicity that exists in the company and everyone sees it but no one talks about it. Summer is over and with it, any illusion of reality. But what if you want to hold on to this illusion at all costs?


Stelios Christoforou

Stelios Christoforou is a film graduate of the University of Sussex. He has worked on many short films during his studies, as a director, director of photography and other roles. The last film he worked on, before "Sammer" as director of photography won the Best Film Award during the 36-Hour Film Competition, organised by the Cinecity Film Festival in Brighton. He enjoys traveling, observing people and touring strange neighborhoods in various cities around the world. His goal is to invite you all on a cinematic journey away from "reality."