Secrets of Bukhara


Director: Jivko Konstantinov
Writer: Hristiyan Kasarov
Director of Photography: Rahmatilla Sheraliyev
Editing: Mansur Zhuraev
Producers: Jivko Konstantinov, O'zbek kino
Country of production: Bulgaria
Runtime: 10 min
Production Year: 2021
Language: Uzbek
Subtitles: Greek


The documentary tells the current story of one of the cities of the Great Silk Road, Bukhara in Uzbekistan. The short film shows some of the city's silk handicrafts and how several people are trying to preserve them and pass them on to future generations.


Jivko Konstantinov

Jivko Konstantinov was born in Sea Capital, Bulgaria, in the shortest month of the year. He received higher education at Sofia University - Bachelor of Philosophy, Master in Organizational Psychology and Master in Journalism. He spent 11 years at Bulgarian national television Nova TV as a reporter, presenter and author of dozens of documentaries. He is now a freelancer.