Section 298


Director: James Joel Dann
Production: James Joel Dann, Mahshad Afshar
Country of production: United Kingdom
Runtime: 19 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: English, Urdu
Subtitles: Greek


The eyes of the three persecuted Ahmadiyya women speak, Article 298 reveals the reality of life according to Pakistan's deadliest law.
Section 298 of Pakistan's Penal Code (also known as the blasphemy law) openly allows prosecution, imprisonment, and death to those who identify as Ahmadi Muslims, a minority Islamist movement in Pakistan. Since 2010, more than 200 Ahmadi Muslims have been killed inside their mosques by suicide bombs and vigilant weapons.
Persecuted from birth, Ahmadiyya are prohibited from working, voting, holding a passport or registering as Muslim. Article 298 takes us to the heart of the Pakistani Ahmadi community as they fight to keep their families, community and traditions alive.


James Dann

James Dann, a director and producer, founded New take Films to tell compelling stories – often about human rights and social justice. James began making films in 2014 with his first documentary, "2nd Amendment," which focuses on firearms laws on America's East Coast.
James' work has taken him around the world and he discovered that Section 298 is the most poignant and compelling documentary he has ever worked on. He is a beginner and has built his company and career through his passion for cinema, loving adventure and travel.