Director: Stéphane Santini, Géraldine André
Writer: Stephane Santini
Director of Photography: Geraldine Andre, Laurence Hoenig, Pierre-Yves Bernard, Laurent Derhes, Louise Annaud, Fanny Hostettler
Editing: Stephane Santini, Geraldine Andre, Laurence Hoenig, Pierre-Yves Bernard
Producers: Philippe Santini, Florence Dozol, Nora Teylouni
Country of production: Switzerland, France
Runtime: 56 min
Production Year: 2020
Language: Greek, French
Subtitles: Greek

Narration: Antonis Kafetzopoulos


War, emergencies, pandemics, famine. Humanitarian workers are used to working in the most extreme environments on the planet. However, few of them dare to penetrate into the world of personal feelings. For this film, forty MSF employees and their loved ones do just that: they speak without reservation about the danger, the first mission, the sense of helplessness, the passion, returning home and the unspeakable things they have experienced.


Stéphane Santini

Stéphane Santini started as a journalist and radio and television presenter. He then became a writer and director and is associated with numerous audiovisual productions broadcast in France, Switzerland and other countries. She has worked on projects related to sustainable development, humanitarian action, medical research, sports, environment and heritage and has specialized in social and health-related issues.