Sons of Cain


Director: Keti Stamo
Writer:Keti Stamo
Director of Photography: Stefano Usberghi
Editing: Paola Freddi, Camille Lotteau, Mattia Levi
Music: Nicolas Mollard
Producer: Soena Lame
Country of production: Albania, France, Italy
Runtime: 69 min
Production Year: 2021
Language: Albanian
Subtitles: Greek

Cast: Elona Prro J., Alehandra B., Amanda B., Domenico L., Emanuel B., Esmeralda N., Marsel B., Melisara B.


In a small village in northern Albania, time is suspended and the strict rules of an old code (KANUN) still dictate the life and death of residents.


Katy Stamos

Katy Stamo (13/09/1982) is a screenwriter and director, born in Albania and raised between Italy and Switzerland. After receiving her bachelor's degree in Psychology and her master's degree in Criminology, she studies the relations between Psychology and Cinema.