A CFF laboratory

Animators: The members of the research team of the educational laboratory of PADA 3d modeling- animation and gaming, Dr. Lambrini Trivella and Minister of State Dr. Anastasia Lambropoulou with laboratory manager An. Professor Spyros Siakas.

Place of Implementation: Cultural Center of Chania


The technique to be followed is based on animation toys, such as the miracle flower, the zootrope and the philoscope.

Short CV

Spyros Siakas is Associate Professor of 3D animation at the University of Athens, Deputy Director of the Postgraduate Program in Animation at the University of Athens, editor of the international online scientific journal AFIMEC head programmer animation at the International Short Film Festival of Drama and founding member and member of the Board of Directors of ASIFA HELLAS.

His research interests include explorations on the dynamic nature of animation and the redefinition of its technical and aesthetic parameters in an equally dynamic context of technological developments and scientific fields.

He is currently involved in the development and production of the animated feature trilogy Goblins, with the support of GFC, ERT and Media desk, creative Europe.


Lambrini Trivella holds a PhD from the School of Applied Arts and Culture of the University of Athens, in the department of Graphic Design and Visual Communication specialized in the organization and production of three-dimensional animation. She has completed postgraduate studies in the Management of Cultural Units of HOU and in Comparative Pedagogy specializing in issues of quality of education NKUA. She is a lecturer at undergraduate and postgraduate level in animation and is General Manager of the international online scientific journal AFIMEC. She has participated in animation teacher training workshops and creative animation workshops for primary school students.

He has organized, coordinated and communicated the creative team in projects.