The art of animation and the role of materials

Animator: Anastasia Dimitra, animator

Workshop Day: Saturday 29 October 2022

Time: 10.00 – 12.00

Duration: 2 hours

Place of Implementation: Cultural Center of Chania

It is addressed to those who love animation

A certificate of participation will be given


Workshop Description

The workshop will begin with a lecture on stop motion, materials and their role in the directorial approach. Examples will be shown and commented on. Next, the tools that allow the animation of the heroes will be presented. Finally, the working group will propose materials for the creation of a stop motion project and the directorial approach will be discussed.

Short CV

She is the Director of the Department of Animation & Interactive Media at AKTO art & design college (validated college Middlesex University, London.), (2001-2018). From 2001 until today, he participates in the postgraduate programs of Middlesex as an advisor professor or as a member of the evaluation of postgraduate theses in Greece and Cyprus. He has taught at the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean in undergraduate and postgraduate departments (2003-2015) He has collaborated for the production of animation films with the largest companies in Greece, such as Mosquito (1985-1989), Artoon s.a. (1990-1995) etc. In 1995 he founded the sole proprietorship of creating and producing audiovisual works, such as advertising animation and projects such as the children's series "Kartounia" 36 episodes of 26' for Greek television (1996-1998), on the teaching of animation. Creation and production of pilot 1' for the series "Lucas and The Runt" funded by the Media Program In 2011 he created the film "Routes" 1'. In 2015 she created the VIDEO WALL INSTALLATION "Obsessions" 2':25'' In 2021 she created the film "The Classmate", 5 ́.45 ́ ́ She has participated in juries for awarding awards in Greek and International animation festivals. Among them, in 2002 he was a selection member of the films for the festival in Hiroshima, Japan. Since 1990 she has been organizing workshops and teaching children and young people the art of animation. Animator