Tell your story with sand!

A CFF laboratory

Animator: Irina Boyko, Director

Place of Implementation: Cultural Center of Chania


An original film workshop with the SAND ART technique!

A creative two hours, in which we will create a script and "bring to life" his images with our hands, painting them with sand and filming them!

In this workshop:

- we will learn the art and technique of SAND ART, painting with sand on a glass light surface.

- We will get to know the documentary - animation genre

- We will learn the structure of a script, fiction and documentary.

- We will make a team script and shoot a movie, painting our story with sand.


Short Bio:

He was born in Ukraine. He studied Theatre Directing at the State University of Culture and Art in Kiev and Film Directing at the Panavision School in Athens. She has collaborated with various cultural institutions in Greece, in the field of cinema and theatre, representing her abroad. For the last 6 years with the Doll Theatre of "White Puppet" she has been collaborating permanently and is housed in the Asomaton Art Space in Athens. As an actor she has collaborated in theatre and cinema in Athens and Kiev (Rakushka by Fotini Siskopoulou, Isadora: When she danced directed by Razvan Mazilou, Moskva-Petoushki directed by V.Petranuk etc.). She has taught Puppet Theatre in NSRF programs in public schools in Athens, as well as theatrical and film seminars for children and adults throughout Greece (Municipal Library of Veria, Primary School of Donoussa, Xanthi, Kavala, Olympia Festival etc.). She has collaborated with the Small Technical University of Athens, as a Lighting Designer at the Pocket Theatre Festvals, as well as teaching the seminars for an adult audience "Acting In the Lens". For three years (2012-2015) he was the director of the Milos Theatrical Workshop