The art and technique of the interview

Like a process of archaeological excavation

Animator: Dionysia Kopanas, director

Workshop Day: Friday 28 October 2022

Time: 17.00 – 20.00

Duration: 3 hours

Place of Implementation: Cultural Center of Chania

It is addressed to friends of cinema

A certificate of participation will be given


Workshop Description

The art and technique of interviewing is a process very close to the practice of archaeological excavation. The filmmaker is an excavator of human experiences. Just as an archaeologist proceeds step by step, carefully excavating from the surface to the bottom of the trench knowing that he has a fragile universe in front of him, so does the filmmaker. The interview is much more than a quotation of information, it is a journey that starts from the surface to dive into the deeper psychic layers where valuable findings will emerge from there. Personal narratives lean on the narrative of literature, they are close to theatrical monologue. The filmmaker listens to an inner confession. He has in front of him a face, pulsating landscape on which emotions are projected, a sensitive universe that is slowly emerging. The moment of the interview is sacred, people open their hearts and respect, attention, kindness are necessary conditions to stand in front of them. Through my own practice and experience I will attempt to answer some questions that have to do with the practice of interviewing: How do we film human experiences, personal experiences? How do we operate our tools, camera and microphone? How do we function in the face of the emergence of the inner landscapes of the people standing in front of our camera? How does our relationship with the people we talk to develop, scale and de-escalate?

Short CV

Dionysia Kopana is a director. He studied psychology and film in Athens and Art History in Italy. He worked in productions in television, advertising, film and theatre. He worked as a photographer and columnist in magazines. He has also been involved in theatrical directing, writing documentary scripts and fiction films. He has directed short fiction films and feature-length documentaries. Since 2007 he has been teaching Film and Creative Documentary in IEK, in seminar venues and in public schools. At the same time, she conducts seminars on documentary directing within the framework of the Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People. He is a founding member of the Greek Documentary Association.